Classic collection

We call them the classics because they are the soaps we started with in 2010, the ones that have won us our very first customers and brought us the appreciation that we enjoy today. The 11 recipes have been perfect along the years and time-tested, offering a wide variety of soaps to choose from, covering all skin types and their needs.

Discover moisturizing soaps for dry sensitive skin, with shea butter and honey, exfoliating soaps, soaps with cucumber juice and clay, suitable for oily skin, anticellulite soaps & more.


Ambrozia collection – with goat milk

Ambrozia…the food of Olympian gods, sweet nectar of eternal youth and immortality.

Inspired by the mythical food of the gods, the key ingredient of Ambrozia collection is fresh goat milk that makes the soaps extra moisturizing, creamy and gentle with the skin. The goat milk, along with other precious ingredients like aloe vera, royal jelly and Techirghiol therapeutic mud, make Ambrozia soaps a refined choice for any tipe of skin. They are recommended as facial soaps.

Salt Bar collection – with sea salt

Salt Bar soaps are made up of 50% sea salt, which lends the soaps its therapeutic properties. Thus, using the Salt Bar soaps is similar to a hot bath with scented salts, detoxifying and revitalizing the skin. For this reason they are also called SPA soaps.

Enjoy a SPA experience in your home with our Salt Bar soaps!

Simple 3 collection – with olive oil, shea butter and goat milk

Simple 3 soaps have earned their name from 3 extra moisturizing ingredients they are made of: extra virgin olive oil, shea butter and goat milk. We like to call them Castille soaps with a twist because, just like Castille soaps, their main ingredients is extra virgin olive oil, one of the most moisturizing ingredient there is when it comes to soap making.

The extra virgin olive oil, combined with shea butter and goat milk, makes the soaps extremely delicate, moisturizing and gentle with the skin. They are suitable for all skin types, especially dry sensitive skin, as well as for babies and kids.