Products Jovis Homemade Beauty is distinguished by the simplicity of the words that describe them best, 100% natural, handmade, being practical and our guarantee to buyers: soaps and cosmetics really natural, whose preparation process is handmade only ingredients carefully chosen.

Natural soaps and cosmetics Jovis

► They contain 100% natural ingredients from reliable sources, some of them even has organic certification.

► based only butters and oils of vegetable origin (shea, coconut, cocoa, olive, sweet almond, apricot etc), plant extracts, bee products, clay, flowers, fruits etc.

► The colors used solely due to the natural ingredients (herbs, clay, vegetable juices, oils, etc.).

► Our products are scented with pure natural essential oils, which gives them properties aromatherapy, natural flavor extracts or certified organic.

► I am completely free of chemical additives such as preservatives, dyes, intaritorii artificial flavors or synthetic detergents.

► All products are biodegradable packaging with biodegradable or, where that is not possible, recyclable materials.

► All products comply with legislation and are notified to the European Commission, with analyzes and dermatological tests performed in a specialized laboratory.

► Do not tested on animals and contain no ingredients tested on animals and no animal ingredients obtained by assaulting or killing them. The only derivatives that we use in our products are bee products and milk.

Natural soap Jovis

Specialization and the hard work invested by us in this unique product, natural soap, materializes in a very high quality products and a wide range of varieties to choose from, the range covering all skin types and needs thereof.

Because natural soap is the first product that we started and we won first customers, we point to as some aspects of the qualities that make it special.

► It is handcrafted by traditional process “cold” in which temperature does not exceed 40 degrees, to preserve properties more ingredients. Follow maturation period in which soaps dry naturally for at least a month.

► It is based only butters and oils of vegetable origin, chosen in proportions carefully studied for a soap very gentle on the skin, moisturizing, creamy and fluffy (olive oil, cocoa butter, cocoa butter, shea butter, oil almond oil, castor oil).

► Unlike soaps classics trade, natural soap Jovis does not contain harsh detergents skin (many of soaps in stores are improperly designated as such, they are actually some detergents), does not contain hardeners synthetic, artificial flavors, preservatives, chemical dyes or other irritant that assaulting skin.

► There has palm oil in composition, being aware of the ecological disaster that produces its cultivation today. Although palm oil is widely used in the manufacture of soap, we refused to incorporate in our products, being the first manufacturers of soap in Romania that have adopted this eco-friendly attitude.

► It is very rich in vegetable glycerin which is formed naturally in the process of saponification and provides hydration and elasticity (if soap classic glycerin is extracted for the production of creams and lotions, “stripping” the soap properties of its natural moisturizers ).

► In addition to glycerin naturally formed, Jovis soap is enriched with pure vegetable oils added to the end of the saponification process, specifically to bring extra hydration and skin care.

► soaps make a generous foam that allows its use on the job of shaving foam, both by women and by men.

► Because soaps are handmade in small batches using ingredients from different lots, they can present minor variations in color and shape.


Storage and use

Because soaps and cosmetics Jovis are 100% natural and contain no preservatives or chemical hardeners, we have some recommendations for storage and for use to use them without problems as long a time.

► To extend the lifetime of natural soaps recommend hosting them in a laid hands allowing water to drain. The content of glycerin soap rich in natural (glierina that attracts water) cause them to soften in prolonged contact with water. If you want to keep the soap more time before using it, choose a location away from moisture and excessive heat.

► Keep butters, oils, serums and floral waters in a dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture.