About us

We made the first Jovis soap in 2010. And we haven’t stopped since.

This is our story…

A life lived in natural harmony

Looking past our brand name, the marketing and the publicity, Jovis is a story about deep love for nature, passion, family and a wish for a healthy and natural lifestyle that was taken one step further. Jovis is a reflection of what we stand for as individuals: a life lived in harmony with nature, appreciating and maintaining traditions, respect for our environment.

Considering the daily stress and routine of our modern fast-paced lives, we want to bring back the joy of little things, to transform a routine action into pleasure and make every shower and bath an occasion to pamper your skin and senses, a secret gateway to escape the busy present and have some well deserved “you time”. We want to offer you a few moments a day when your skin can “breathe in” something else, all natural, simple and healthy ingredients like vegetable oils and butters, medicinal plants and extracts, aromatic herbs and essential oils. Because we believe true beauty starts from the inside and is a good friend of health and wellbeing!

Ioana Matei – founder and the creative mind behind Jovis

“Before becoming a natural beauty brand, Jovis was at first just a  blog about DIY personal care recipes and aromatherapy, a blog created out of passion for nature and the healing power of plants, my blog. The decision to take things one step further came naturally, together with a lot of support and encouragement from the community of readers, my family and friends. And so, with a lot of enthusiasm and hard work, Jovis slowly grew into what it is today, a beautiful and happy family run company, a brand of 100% natural soaps and cosmetics proudly handmade in Romania. In the meantime I got a master’s degree in Bioactive principles from indigenous plants and I still enjoy creating and perfecting our recipes as much as I did when I was writing the blog!”

Our daily choices, steps towards a sustainable future

Because a good products starts with quality ingredients, a major part of the work that we do when creating a new Jovis product is dedicated to finding the best possible natural ingredients for it. Choosing our ingredients is a manifest for the values we believe in.

We like working with 100% natural, pure ingredients, unrefined when it is possible, fresh and of the highest quality. We use locally sourced ingredients and buy fairtrade whenever we can, supporting small local producers and trying to make our choices be steps towards a more sustainable future. We believe that all of us, as buyers, have the power to influence the future through our choices, through the price that we choose to pay for different products and services.  We need to be aware of this power and use it wisely to actively support what we stand for.

Filofteia Matei – Ioana’s mom and production manager at Jovis

“Never would I have imagined that my daughter’s brave idea of starting a business in soaps and cosmetics production  would be able to bring me so much joy! But now, when every day we open the doors of our production facility and work with wonderful natural ingredients, when every work day is like an aromatherapy session and at the end the kind words and testimonials of our clients bring us the greatest satisfaction, now I realize that it truly is the little things that make us happy. The whole process of creating a Jovis product, from idea to recipe and choosing the right ingredients, from trying and improving to the lab and dermatological tests that follow, all of this is a constant source of joy and energy for us. And we hope that you can feel it as well, when using Jovis!”

Jovis is the scented studio where we fell in love with playing with the flavours, colours and textures offered by nature!

So take a stroll through our shelves and discover a range of soaps so wide that you can hardly decide what to try first, smell the most wonderfully scented and soft body butters or pamper your skin with moisturizing facial serums and delicate floral waters. Search, discover, choose and enjoy the power of natural ingredients on your skin!